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Tangential thread rolling system

These devices move in a tangential direction on the workpiece to form the thread. The tool moves steadily and perpendicularly over the workpiece to be turned. At the end of the thread forming process, the rapid return is initiated. Once the tool has been set, it is not necessary to open or close it for each workpiece. The length of the workpiece to be rolled is limited by the width of the rollers. The same spindle is used for right-hand and left-hand threads.

avance tangencial

Tangential feed rate

The spindle feed is tangential in the direction of the arrows.

The spindle is fixed, the workpiece rotates.

Tangential Rolling Heads Models

Tangential rolling systems Capacity Max. thread length
Head RT-10 M1.6 / M14 15.45mm.
Head RT-20 M2 / M30 21.3mm.
Head RT-30 M2 / M42 31mm.