Head A-01

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Technical details



Ø Handle(D) 20mm. 3/4” 16mm. 5/8”

For right-hand threads

– A-01 for fixed use only.

– A-01 G for fixed and rotating use.

A-01 LH, A-01 G LH (The left-hand heads are dimensionally

dimensionally the same as the right-hand heads, but open and close

but open and close in the opposite direction).

– position inclination of rollers = 3°30

– weight without rollers = approx. 0.4 Kg.

a= Pull to open

b= Head opens type A-01 G, closes type A-01

c= Head opens type A-01, closes type A-01 G

d= Threading head closed

e= Threading head open

α= Closing angle 32º

Cabezal A-01